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Swissive Pictures

Kids at new school
Ben in full flight
Moonlit castle in our vicinity
A canary yellow Kangoo
Lion of Citadel d'Besancon
Our beach . . . brr!
Nother castle in our vicinity
Picture postcard Annecy
The view from our unit
In Zurich, they are serious about desserts
And some of us know what to do with them
They said it was Spring!
The youngest military cops
Pigpen with the million dollar view
A great way to get around
Which one is Mont Blanc?
Oh what a lovely pair of underpants
3000 years BA (Before Asterix)
3000 years BO (Before Obelix)
Boiling oil check at Estayer-le-Lac
Climbing the Jura's through absinthe valley
Pretty, but not biodiverse
A Toblerone Line
Great pig-pens of Europe two
View from the pig-pen's neighbouring meadow
The hills are alive with the sound of music
Jacqui, Maitresse de l'ferme de Soliat
Jacqui's kitchen
Did we mention the goat?
Spring meadow, Gland
Bike paths go through tunnels too
Great boar pens of Europe
Gruyere - notable defences for some notable cheese
A few bushels of Browns
Medieval keep down on its luck
Inside the ruin of Illey castle
Pray for a relaxed bus driver
Hi everyone from Imogen
Wine territory cubbyhouse
Mauverney teacher hard at work
Bi lingual graffiti down at the school
Susan vs neighbourhood pack
Partying on in the blocks
The Swiss school smurf
Stalag Excenevex
Fashion shoppers hit Milan
This message brought to you by Duomo posters
Marble roofing like you have never seen marble roofing
Gelati time in Milan
Grim castle of the Sforza's
The 23 fish lake between Italy and Switzerland
UN WG on Indigenous Populations
Song and dance two
Istanbul's Blue Mosque
Inside the Haghia Sofia
Inside the Haghia Sofia
Wonder of the dome
Looking to Asia
Our guide to Topkapi
Tangled lines
The carpet cat
But will it sink?
Impromptu role in a Muslim naming ceremony
High speed Turkish police pursuit vehicles
Gucci's Selcuk branch
Sagging Selcuk
Ephesus sunrise
Amazing Ephesus
Amazing Ephesus 2
Amazing Ephesus 3
Inspecting Roman plumbing
Last resting place of Mary
Cluster of significant ruins
Danny potter
Julia, Turkish feminist
Keeping cool in Fethiye
Cooling off in Fethiye 2
Perfume seller of Fethiye
Artist at the cliff tombs
Sailing Aegean islands
Old Kas street
Kas bay, from the amphitheatre
Paddling over sunken cities
Ferry by day, fish by night
Sunken Lycean tomb
Ismail of Instanbul Bazaar
The Basilica Cistern
Divine inspiration
Best that money can buy
New York's Egyptian tomb
Who says policy is boring
The steam vent
Bachelorette party headquarters
Times Square, except it isn't
The walk to work
Cupcake city
An Al Gore moment