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Fly Fishing

A series of articles on fly fishing by Susan Brown.

The amazing trout of Lac Leman
Trout might be in the salmon family, but the two fish have fairly distinctive behaviours. Trout tend to get territorial in rivers and lakes, while... More>>

Finding that perfect fish at Fraser
When the tuna run, the water boils. Putting your fly into such a commotion is sure to be memorable in any fisher's career. Paul Dolan knows... More>>

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Dabbling in the Daintree (Fly Life magazine)
Always pack your rod. You just never never know. As a journalist I find every so often a nice stretch of water will line up nearby an... More>>

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Learning to be a reel woman (Canberra Times)
It is a way to spend a day of quiet contemplation in a beautiful place. I have stood in streams under mountains with twisted white snow gums... More>>

Barra by numbers
Three days, seven blokes, one houseboat, one bathroom. The unknowns in the equation - will those early season southern barramundi be biting and... More>>

The Weekend Australian Magazine, September 2003

Fishin' chicks (The Weekend Australian Magazine)
Women are tackling the gentlemanly sport of fly fishing in increasing numbers, and their patience makes them perfect for it. More>>

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Casting back for the basics (Fly Life magazine)
Former shearer turned cop turned master caster Harro showed Susan how it is done More>>