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"His enthusiasm was such that he turned a story about the ownership of a brothel into an ongoing series about crime and corruption in Queensland" -
Bob Gordon, editor-in-chief Gold Coast Bulletin

"During her five years as a weekly contributor, Susan Brown has demonstrated outstanding skill and tenacity in tracking down previously unreported major news stories, ensuring readers learned of them first through the newsletter." - Murray Griffin, editor Environmental Manager, Thomson Australia

"Susan is a senior professional of the highest calibre. Her strengths are her creativity, ability to 'think outside the square', determination, hard work, positive attitude and team work. Susan Brown has repeatedly demonstrated her intelligence, competence, loyalty and integrity." Senator Meg Lees , former leader Australian Democrats

Your combination of enthusiasm, professionalism and media savvy made the extremely difficult task of selling insects to the media in the middle of the Olympic Games and Science Week, apparently easy. We realise it was anything but and that the reporting of Congress related stories in all sections of the national media even after the congress had closed must be regarded as a coup for scientific communication in this country." Organising committee, XXll International Congress of Entomology