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Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil
The feature lead that burnt the fingers of oil interests secretly sizing up the Great Barrier Reef and embarrassed the government agencies... More>>

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The rise and rise of Cubbie Station
The story of Cubbie is usually presented as one of enterprise winning over a harsh land. A full story would include the considerable favours... More>>

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Acid soils and algal blooms
While salinity gets most of the attention, acid sulfate soils exposed by cavalier development can have dangerous as well as damaging side effects. More>>


The late Barrier Reef
The do not a lot approach to climate change came under question on revelations that the Great Barrier Reef would be only a remnant within 50 years... More>>

The sands of Shelburne
Postscript: Soon after this article was published, the Queensland government did the right thing and cancelled the mining leases. More>>

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Civilising the sex trade
From colonial mayhem to institutionalised corruption, Queensland has tried a variety of ways to regulate the sex trade. Now some of it is legal. More>>

Barra by numbers
Three days, seven blokes, one houseboat, one bathroom. The unknowns in the equation - will those early season southern barramundi be biting and... More>>

The Weekend Australian Magazine, September 2003

Fishin' chicks (The Weekend Australian Magazine)
Women are tackling the gentlemanly sport of fly fishing in increasing numbers, and their patience makes them perfect for it. More>>

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Shortchanged by Seachange
As Stradbroke Island becomes an investor's and developer's paradise, where do the workers live and the locals go? Susan Brown's investigation was... More>>


Resort to reconciliation
My son, your troubled eyes search mine, Puzzled and hurt by colour line. Your black skin soft as velvet shine; What can I tell you son of mine? More>>


Spin City
Not so long ago, finding a folding bicycle in an Australian bicycle shop was a rare occurence. Finding one worth buying was rarer still (The Weekend... More>>