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The 23 fish lake between Italy and Switzerland

Swissive Pictures

St Bernards Pass, noted for dogs and brandy barrels and the time that Napoleon brought an army through here in October while the Austrians waited to stop him down near Nice. Result: Austria lost Italy. Swiss neutrality then obviously didn't preclude letting the French march armies through the confederation.

The kids are in Italy, the buildings in Switzerland and there are exactly 23 fish in this multinational lake. Let Susan explain:

"I looked out the window there was a small lake there. I asked if there were fish.
'No' said one Italian border guard. 'Yes' corrected the other. He stood proudly in his grey uniform, long black boots, snug pale pants, red and black round hat and beamed at me. There are twenty three fish he proclaimed loudly in english. The other guy looked at him in astonishment. There was a flurry of italian. Their eventual consensus was there were indeed exactly twenty three fish in the lake. I told them I liked fishing. We were all friends now. The stamp came out, my papers came back and they both walked me happily across the road and waved me farewell. Much lake pointing and laughing was had by all."