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Beyond journalism - moonlighting as a criminologist

While working on reforming a broken police force and a disfunctional criminal justice system at the Criminal Justice Commission Phil Dickie found himself researching crime and corruption at a far deeper level than is usually allowed in journalism. Never having been formally trained in criminology he took a very original, but often quite applauded approach

Organising crime in Qld - A scholarly exploration of the history of organised crime in Queensland
Journal article on CJC organised crime research project - Paper on the CJC's research approach to organised crime, presented at 1992 ANZ Society of Criminology Conference, later published in Issues in Criminal Justice
Honest politician's guide to crime control - "The problem of crime like the problem of disease is not in any final sense soluble. But it can be subjected to effective control. We cannot expect more; there is no reason why we should be satisfied with less."
End of the Fitzgerald vision - In his ground-breaking report, Tony Fitzgerald envisaged a research led approach to crime and corruption control. This was just a bit too uncomfortable for vested political and law enforcement interests - research was brought back under political control and the game of cops and robbers allowed to regain its primacy

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The media and community safety
"Since the number of muggings is likely to be in some way related to the relative proportions of potential muggers and potential victims (muggees?), what we have here in this hypothetical case is a classical example of a tendency towards a self-fulfilling prophecy" More>>

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How does crime work? - the neglected dimension in community safety.
"prostitution can be a highly organised affair and usually that is how it is regarded. However, prostitution is also a business which can be engaged in by enthusiastic amateurs with nothing in the way of capital investment. Economically, the amount of prostitution seems to be determined by... More>>