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Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Report

Facing the future was the major output of the Australian regional component of the global Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project, itself the major enterprise of the Global Mining Initiative commissioned by a number of the world's major mining companies under the umbrella of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Phil Dickie was co-author of the Australian regional report and gave presentations on the project and its findings to numerous stakeholder groups around Australia. Susan Brown was heavily involved in consultations, media relations and event management for the ministerial/CEO level launch of the report.

The 78 page report is available as a pdf from the International Institute for Environment and Development, which was commissioned by the GMI to do the global study. The download can take some time.

"... if voluntary codes of practice are to reduce the need for government regulation they must remain responsive to changing social conditions and stakeholder expectations. They need to be able to to demonstrate that they address real problems; compliance levels are appropriate and enforced; and they contribute to significantly improved performance. Given the social contract implicit in voluntary codes of conduct, it is appropriate that codes include recongintion of the rights of communities and other stakeholders and incorporate opportunities for independent review and verification"