About Us

Australian melaleucas, also known as paperbark or ti-trees.
Melaleuca Media is a company owned by Phil Dickie and Susan Brown, a husband and wife team with diverse, complementary and well-recognised skills who provide quality advice, research, analysis, writing and images. News articles, features and commentary by Susan Brown and Phil Dickie have been published in most of Australia's national and major metropolitan newspapers, in magazines and e-zines.

Their operational credo is that the words must sing and the package must work, whatever the intended audience. There is no point, purpose or future in being worthy but dull. Writing specialties include environmental issues and policy, organised crime and criminal justice issues, accountability and governance, legal issues, indigenous issues and politics and the media . . . and people, travel, fishing, cycling , bushwalking and . . .

Phil Dickie is best known for a series of articles on crime and corruption in Queensland which were a major impetus to the establishment of the Fitzgerald Inquiry that demolished a 32 year old government, sent a police commissioner to jail and very nearly did the same to the State's longest serving premier. For this work he received Australia's highest journalism award, a Gold Walkley. His best-selling book, The Road to Fitzgerald, continues to be listed as required reading in investigative journalism courses. On Queensland Day 2017, Phil Dickie was named a Queensland Great in recognition of his contribution to State development and history.

Susan Brown became a freelance writer and commentator after displaying a very deft hand with the balance of power as a political staffer in Federal Parliament. She set a Senate record in spearheading negotiations on behalf of the Democrats and a number of conservation groups which saw more than 500 amendments passed to a 460 clause bill to give the Federal government and concerned citizens unprecedented powers to protect the environment. She also played a major role in securing unprecedented extra spending on the environment as part of the New Tax Package legislation.

With Susan pursuing an international career, Phil Dickie is currently the major active partner in Melaleuca Media.